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Be Killing Sin

Some thoughts on going about the dangerous but necessary business of killing sin in your life. Continue reading

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My Personal Apocalypse

Each of us is in a battle for our lives. We are fighting against sin, sin which is so entrenched in our lives, so natural and instinctual, that often we don’t even know what we’re doing. Continue reading

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When You Fall

Perhaps the life of discipleship should come with a warning label. You will fall. You will struggle with sin, and you will often times lose that struggle. You will be embarrassed by your own behavior. You will wonder if God is going to give up on you. But that is not where the life of faith ends. Continue reading

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He Came for our Shame

Every consequence of sin has been put upon Christ and has been answered in Him as well. The debt has been paid. Sin in has been atoned. The dividing wall of hostility has been torn down. The chains have been broken. Death has been defeated. Judgment has been satisfied. Continue reading

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