Worth the Read (6-29)

How Do Plants Know Which Way Is Up And Which Way Is Down? – A fascinating study on why plants grow up and the roots grow down.  Good, and interesting, science.  But, if I may, I think I know the real reason why.

Do Presbyterians Consult the Bible at GA – Here’s something to think about as we are praying for the church while our General Assembly is in session.

The Parent as Youth Pastor – If a child has a negligent youth pastor, Godly parents will easily counter his influence. But if a child has negligent parents, very rarely will a youth pastor be able to overturn the sad effects.

Ministers of Grace in Need of Grace – This may seem a little self-serving, but I put it before you for your consideration.  To be sure, I have been blessed to serve very gracious congregations.

Twelve Propositions on Sanctification – The title may sound a little off-putting, but it is a brief, encouraging devotion on what it means to grow in holiness.

For those in a hurry at dinner time:


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