Weightlifting for Dads

For all you busy dads who can’t make it to the gym, here’s a home workout program just for you:

Some of my favorite lines:

“Don’t lift with your back, you lift with your Thyroid.”

“If the weight starts complaining, you put it down and you give yourself two minutes.”

“Chest bench presses, also called ‘chench’ presses.”

“If you find the weight distracting because it’s giggling or something, you don’t have to look at the weight, cause you know the onsie’s not going to rip.”


About reveds

Occupation: Pastor, Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, Lennox, SD Education: BS - Christian Education, Sterling College; MDiv. - Princeton Theological Seminary Family: Married, with Four children. Hobbies: Running (will someday run a marathon), Sci-Fi (especially Doctor Who and Sherlock), Theater, and anything else my kids will let me do.
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